Want to know more about my PhD?

Have you been wondering what my PhD is really about? Here is a short answer: I wish to understand whether grazing systems intensification (through the use of fertiliser, more productive animals and grasses…) can be a key solution to:

  • Carry on providing livestock products to a growing human population with needs and desires to consume animal proteins,
  • while decreasing the impact of our societies on the environment and
  • and sparing land for other uses (e.g. forests, bio-energy, croplands, etc.)

To answer this question, I read a lot and undertake simulations by running various grassland, livestock, climate and land-use dynamics models. In a few months, I will be in Vienna to work with a team using the model GLOBIOM. GLOBIOM is an economic land-use dynamic model that will help me understand the potential impacts (positive and negative) of grazing systems intensification on land-use allocation between  grasslands, forests, croplands and lands used for bio-energy.

More details are presented below:


Photo credits: ILRI/ Steve Mann

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