Culture Shock – Communicating in a Global Environment

I recently attended a fabulous UQ workshop presented by Dr. Maryam Jamarani: “Communicating in a Global environment”. It was so interesting that I wish to share a bit of it with you. A big thank to Maryam who accepted me to share some of her slides and content. We are so similar yet all unique! What is culture? A complex…

Leadership, Inclusion and Diversity

Hi there! I recently applied to take part in the Homeward Bound initiative (by the way, you can follow the journey by signing up!). “Homeward Bound is a groundbreaking leadership, strategic and science initiative for women, set against the backdrop of Antarctica. The initiative, turned global movement, aims to heighten the influence and impact of…

My last CSIRO-UQ seminar (January the 23rd)

If you have missed my  last CSIRO-UQ seminar (January the 23rd), here is the powerpoint with some comments! Click on the  link to see all the slides and associated comments!

Want to know more about my PhD?

Have you been wondering what my PhD is really about? Here is a short answer: I wish to understand whether grazing systems intensification (through the use of fertiliser, more productive animals and grasses…) can be a key solution to: Carry on providing livestock products to a growing human population with needs and desires to consume animal…

What do grasslands look like from the sky? The GEOGLAM RAPP initiative

Did you know that grasslands cover more than 22% of the Earth’s ice-free land surface (1)? As the global population is predicted to reach around 9 billion by 2050, increases in food consumption, land and environmental pressures are to be expected! What is the GEOGLAM RAPP initiative? GEOGLAM Rangelands and Pasture Productivity (RAPP) is a…

Welcome to my new blog!


Would you like to embark with me in this very exciting experience? I started my PhD 10 months ago and start to feel the urging need to share with you my PhD ruminations: thoughts, interesting findings from the research community and from my own work, … I will post mainly about environmental, social and economic challenges in relation to food systems, pastures and rangelands, cows, cows, and cow 😉

See you soon!